ATC Bed Systems

ATC Original Bed System

This is our most popular selling bed slide / bed system. The ATC Original Bed System is a work horse and is rated at 1200 lbs (bolt install) or 800 lbs (clamp install). This easy to use system tail gates your items with ease. It is dramatically less expensive than competitive brands. The rugged design includes a mesh front bulk head (sides are available options). It extends to 75% of the length of the bed and has an easy to use dual latching system and includes a marine grade carpet as standard equipment.

ATC Light Duty Bed System

Are you camping, doing light work or just use your truck for the day in and day out items? Do you hate crawling into your truck bed to grab something, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on a bed slide? Check out the ATC Light Duty System. This is the most affordable Bed System on the market and meets the need for most people. (Rated at 500LBS evenly distributed). This system is available for short bed trucks and it will make hauling light cargo so much easier!

ATC Composite Bed System

The ATC Composite system is really a nice product. It’s lighter weight than steel, and looks awesome. This molded design includes the sides and front so your cargo stays on the system. It is easy to operate, clean up or remove. It has the same 800/1200 lb rating as the original and is finished with a “spray on bed liner material” for durability and toughness.

ATC Bed System Options
  • Rubber Bed Mat (original and composite)
  • 6 “side rails (original)
  • *12” side rails (original)
  • Hitch Holder (single-original)
  • Hitch Holder (double-original)
  • *Side Storage tray (original)
  • End Cap- Diamond Plate (original)
  • Exterior Deck (original)
  • Bottle Opener (original)
  • Recessed Cup Holders (original)