Better Built Ladder Racks / Accessories / Ramps

Quantum Rack

This state of the art aluminum rack works as hard as it looks! If you’re looking for a great rack to use with your tool boxes, check this one out! RATED AT 800 LBS.

  • No Drill Mounting
  • Adjustable Side Bars
  • Heavy Duty Cross Bar
  • Most Applications
  • Optional Cargo Lock Kit
  • Optional Box Mount Kit-*reduces weight capacity

Loading Ramps

There are several types of Better Built loading ramps available for your needs.

Arched Ramps are sold in pairs and are also available in a folding set. Bi-Fold Ramps fold in half and have two connected pieces. Tri-Fold Ramps fold like an accordian and come in three connected pieces.

Ramps are not made to be used while riding or driving the item being loaded. The weight capacity for ramps must not be exceeded or injuries and possibly death may occur.

Better Built Accessories

We make some of the most useful truck accessories on the market. You can find them in most retail locations that sell aftermarket truck parts.

The most popular Better Built accessories are the Hitch Step, Truck Polish, Stake Pocket Popup, Grip Rites, LED Truck Box Light, and Liner Pads.

Catalog Download - Click to download the Better Built catalog for entire product selection.