Popular Truck Cap Options

ACI LED Bed Light

Light up your bed with the trusty brightness of a LED light. The ACI LED Truck Bed Light is a 12” strip packed with a bright white LED. It’s easy to install, easy to use and mounts virtually anywhere on your truck. All you need is access to a 12V power source. It’s also great for a wide variety of uses beyond just truck beds – mount the strip to your SUV, boat, trailer, or anywhere else you need some light. The ACI LED Truck Bed Light’s built-in on/off switch lets you operate the lights from the truck bed without fumbling with any remotes or on-board switches.

Fabric Interior / Interior Carpet Headliner

This resilient nylon headliner is used to dress up the interior of truck caps and tonneaus. Available in dark shadow grey, the headliner reduces noise, minimizes heat extremes, cleans up easily, dries quickly, and holds up well under tough conditions. 

Keyless Remote for Caps and Lids

The optional Keyless Remote feature for the A.R.E. Series is available on the LSII lid, the LSX lids and the Z series. They are designed to use your vehicle's factory key fob. This feature allows you to lock and unlock your cap/lid as you would your vehicle. This additional security feature gives you the comfort of knowing that when your vehicle is locked, your cap or lid will automatically be locked as well. When you want to open your cap or lid, just hit the unlock button on your key fob and the cap or lid will be unlocked to open as you normally would.

Rhino Roof Racks

Optional stationary and adjustable roof racks are available for your cap. Carry that ladder, kayak or canoe. We have accessories that match our rack system. Ask for details!

Fold Down / Removable Front Window

Easily removed from the cap to clean all glass surfaces; provides extra length for long items.

Folding Clothes Hanger

This popular, useful and affordable option provides 12” of hanging space for clothing and similar articles. When not in use, it folds up and out of the way. It’s a great way to keep clothing and sports apparel off the floor of the bed.

Access Trail Seal

This full perimeter tailgate seal works great with any brand tonneau, topper or lid. Our Trail Seal tailgate seal is designed specifically to use with truck tailgates. It seals all gapes around the perimeter of the tailgate keeping dust, rain and snow out of your truck bed.

  • Seals the Tailgate
  • Fits Any Tailgate
  • Trouble Free Installation
  • Protect Your Cargo
  • Just Cut, Peel and Stick

Access EZ-Retriever

Grab it. Move it. Load it. Cargo management is now within your reach with Access EZ-Retriever. Easily reach items that have slid to the front of your truck box. A great, multi-purpose tool to keep in your truck bed and it makes a great gift for any truck owner!

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Easily Reach Cargo
  • Works with any truck