Rhino Roof Bins (Hard)

Master Fit Luggage Boxes

The Master Fit luggage boxes offer something for everyone, from the outdoor enthusiast carrying camping gear to the big family looking to take everything away on holidays. Fitting directly to the Rhino Aero or Euro crossbar, the insert and twist mechanism is quick and easy. The Master Fit Luggage Box will also fit to the Rhino Heavy Duty crossbars, with the use of the RUBK-MF Fitting Kit. Please Note: The crossbar minimum spacing is 640mm (25.2") and 815mm (32.1") maximum.

We stock multiple sizes and colors. Please contact us for detailed specific information.

The new Rhino Master Fit clamping technology allows you to safely fit the box quicker and easier than ever before by utilizing a very unique clamping system.

Aerodynamically designed and built from tough durable materials, the Master Fit luggage boxes will save you space and allow you to safely and securely transport that extra gear you thought you couldn't fit in. If you're after a luggage box that is a solid performer and offers greater flexibility for your load carrying needs, then this is for you.