Transit Connect Ladder Racks / Sprinter Ladder Rack

Clamp & Lock for Transit Connect

The Kargo Master Clamp & Lock Ladder Rack is uniquely designed to easily lock and secure ladders in place.  The lockable clamp arm can be easily reached and locked to provide extra security. Ladder grips are adjustable to secure extension and step ladders of all sizes. The ladder rack is designed with rugged crossbow features, offering a low design for overall vehicle height and to facilitate loading and unloading.

The Clamp & Lock Ladder Rack is installed using wide mounting feet that mount directly into factory bosses to provide maximum support and stability, and they allow for easy, no-drill installation. Kargo Master Clamp & Lock Racks are treated with zinc primer and chip-resistant marine grade powder coat to provide excellent corrosion, rust and UV resistance.

Transit Connect Ladder Rack

If you have a short van, but you may need to carry long ladders, or long materials, the Transit Connect Ladder Rack is the solution that is made just for you.


  • Yellow Zinc Dichromate fasteners resist corrosion up to five times longer than standard white Zinc fasteners used by competing brands. Self locking nuts stay tight.
  • NO-DRILLING REQUIRED. Our racks INCLUDE a No-Drill Clamp-On option that will not damage your trucks bed.
  • Self locking nuts stay tight
  • Rack easily removed with four bolts.
  • Flexible tubular frame absorbs impact stress that can damage your truck bed.
  • Four cross bars to support ladders, lumber and other long cargo.
  • Rear bar overhangs commercial van to prevent scraping top.
  • Load is centered over rack feet for safety and stability.
  • Easy to install.  No drilling necessary by using existing roof mounts.
  • 108” long rack can carry two ladders, up to (12’ step and 30’ extension), outside over all width is 52″ and inside (useable) is 49″.
  • No cutting required.


  • Rugged 1 5/8” dia. x .083 high tensile strength tubing
  • 500LB. cargo capacity.
  • Zinc Epoxy undercoat
  • High gloss metallic silver marine grade powder coat finish.
  • Swaged tube joints
  • Yellow zinc plated hardware
  • Cosmetic button heads
  • Nyloc self locking nuts
  • 1000 hour ASTM salt spray resistance

Transit Connect & Sprinter Van EZ Lo-Down Ladder Rack

This rack system allows you to easily lower your ladder to the side of your vehicle for easier accessibility.

  • Holds Extension and step ladders
  • Rugged crossbows are low over van roof to reduce overall vehicle height and to facilitate loading and unloading.
  • Adjustable clamps firmly secure ladder to rack
  • Rung grips are adjustable to secure extension ladders of all sizes
  • Zinc epoxy primed for superior rust resistance. Chip resistant white powder coat

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